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WHDI Wireless Video Modem for Wireless HDTV & 3DTV

AMIMON’s WHDI RFIC and 2nd generation baseband chipsets, AMN2120/3110 & AMN2220/3210, the WHDI™ transmitter and WHDI™ receiver modules introduce the best wireless A/V HD audio/video modem technology.

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Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI) announced the industry’s smallest, single-chip receivers to incorporate HDMI® (High-Definition Multimedia Interface®) Specification version 1.4a support for 3-D display resolutions and extended colorimetry. ADI’s ADV7611 low-power, 165-MHz receiver and the ADV7612 225-MHz, dual-port receiver with Xpressview™ fast switching technology enable A/V (audio/video) designers to deliver rich feature sets and HD performance […]

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The PCI-SIG released the PCI Express® Base 3.0 specification. This document culminates a multi-year development effort by members of the PCI-SIG. This specification describes the PCI Express architecture, interconnect attributes, fabric management, and the programming interface required to design and build systems and peripherals that are compliant with the PCI Express Specification. The goal is […]

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ZMD AG, a global supplier of energy- efficient analog and mixed-signal solutions for automotive, industrial, consumer, and medical applications, launched the second wave of its ZLED family of LED control solutions with two new low-voltage ICs designed for battery-powered handheld devices. The ZLED7012 and ZLED7022 incorporate low-noise, constant-frequency charge pump DC/DC converters that can efficiently […]

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CSR latest Bluetooth and Wi-Fi chipset CSR9100 for smartphones and tablets, adding Wi-Fi Direct, Bluetooth low energy, and HD Voice. Bluetooth ULP (ultra-low power), it allows short-range wireless connections to be made. Power is low – it will replace many proprietary short range RF protocols as well as infra-red links in mouses, keyboards, TV remote controls and personal area network – for example those beginning to appear for medical monitoring.

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NXP Dual-core DSP MicrocontrollerNXP Semiconductors announced the LPC4000 family, the world’s first asymmetrical dual-core digital signal controller architecture featuring ARM® Cortex™-M4 and Cortex-M0 processors. The LPC4000 brings the advantage of developing DSP and MCU applications within a single architecture and development environment. With this dual-core architecture and a set of unique configurable peripherals, the LPC4000 enables customers to develop a wide range of applications such as motor control, power management, industrial automation, robotics, medical, automotive accessories and embedded audio.

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Intel Corporation has licensed the CEVA-XC communication DSP for 4G LTE Wireless Products. CEVA-XC is a high-performance, scalable, low-power communication DSP designed specifically for 4G terminals and wireless infrastructure. It supports multiple air interfaces in software, including LTE, TD-LTE, WiMAX 16m, HSPA+, HSPA, TD-SCDMA, GSM and CDMA.

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Synopsys’ DesignWare® High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) 1.4a Transmitter (Tx) digital controller and PHY IP solutions in the 40-nanometer (nm) process node have achieved certification from an HDMI Authorized Training Center (ATC). The DesignWare HDMI PHY IP achieved HDMI 1.4a compliance by passing all process, voltage and temperature variation tests, which are key certification requirements for […]

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TI’s new platform of devices combines 1.5 GHz TI DSP and 1.5 GHz ARM cores enabling precision, control and system cost savings for machine vision, test and measurement and tracking and control applications. Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) builds upon the success of its existing digital signal processor (DSP) + ARM® product offerings by introducing the […]

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CISC (Complex Instruction Set Computer) – Complex instruction set and multiple addressing modes – Varying clock cycles per execution of each instruction – Intel x86 & Motorola 68k series follow CISC philosophy – A “Condition code” register (Flag register) which is set as a side-effect of most instructions. This register reflects whether the result of […]

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Matlab DSP Digital Image Processing project ideas for experimenting with MATLAB programming for final year projects of electronics engineering. This list includes projects from Medical, Automotive, Space, Telecommunications, Security, Biometrics applications.

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Pseudo-SRAM offer a smaller and lower power alternative to SDRAM in portable and battery-powered equipment. Pseudo-SRAM devices also minimise component count by eliminating the need for DRAM interface circuitry. In addition, because pseudo-SRAM does not use a pipeline architecture operating current is about 10mA lower than low-power SDRAM alternatives under the same data transfer conditions. […]

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To accelerate the integration of programmable logic and processors in embedded systems, Altera Corporation announced its Embedded Initiative. With this initiative, Altera is providing designers a single FPGA design flow based on its Quartus II development software including the new Qsys system-level integration tool, a common FPGA intellectual property (IP) library, and new ARM Cortex-A9 […]

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Q. Why should we go for digital signal processing where as the most of the real world data is in analog mode? Q. What are the differences between a microprocessor and a DSP processor? Q. What is the convolution? Q. Why do we need Forrier transform in DSP? Q. What is use of windowing in […]

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Frequently asked Interview Questions on Microprocessor & Computer Architecture Jobs. It includes interview questions on microprocessor concepts such as pipelining, interrupt mask, memory (SRAM or DRAM), cache memory, virtual memory, paging, assembly language programming (ALP), RISC Vs CISC processors, 8085/8086microprcessor and 8051 micro controller, etc.

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NEC Electronics increases Production of Superspeed USB 3.0 Host Controller IC µPD720200. The µPD720200 device is a host controller for PCs and other digital consumer devices and is based on the Intel xHCI specification, supporting SuperSpeed USB transfer speeds of up to 5 Gbps.

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