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Advanced Powertrain Microcontroller Improves Fuel Efficiency

Freescale Qorivva MPC5777M multicore microcontroller (MCU) is an Advanced Powertrain Microcontroller that improves Fuel Efficiency and Vehicle Safety. MCU addresses the needs by powering traditional diesel and gasoline direct injection systems as well as hybrid electric and plug-in electric vehicles.

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Antilock Braking System (ABS) is a system that monitors and controls wheel speed during braking so as to minimize wheel lockup while maximizing vehicle lateral stability. ABS allows the driver to fully hit the brake with out fear of skidding or loss of control. The following terms are used by one or more manufacturers to […]

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A Hybrid Vehicle is a vehicle that uses two or more distinct power sources to move the vehicle. The term most commonly refers to Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEVs), which combine an internal combustion engine and one or more electric motors. There are several different types of hybrid cars, so people have a good amount of […]

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Micro-Hybrid Vehicles use “Start-Stop Engine System,” where regenerative braking technology helps to stop a combustion engine when the vehicle pulls to a stop, and to restart it when the driver accelerates. There are several different versions of the system, which some are now calling the “simplest hybrid technology” on the international market.

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Melexis’ introduction of its MLX91207 high speed custom programmable Hall-Sensor delivers that next generation current sensor. Melexis takes a next step into helping cars go greener by opening new opportunities for contact-less current sensing in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEV) and Electric Vehicle (EV) as well as in renewable energy applications.

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International Rectifier’s Evaira Advanced Energy Management System (EMS) is designed to dramatically extend battery life in electric vehicles and Hybrid Electric Vehicles. Evaira EMS is International Rectifier’s advanced-algorithm Energy Management System for heavy duty battery applications. This solution easily scales to both high cell-count battery packs and high current applications, enhancing battery pack performance and […]

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NXP develops Automotive Ethernet Transceivers for In-Vehicle Networks to drive the wide adoption of Ethernet in the automotive industry. As NXP is the No. 1 supplier of In-Vehicle Networking electronics, this is a significant step forward in establishing BroadR-Reach as an open, de facto standard for in-vehicle Ethernet. NXP enlarging automotive Ethernet productlines, as the […]

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Near Field Communication (NFC), is a bidirectional short range communication technology rapidly becoming the technology of choice for access control, point of purchase transactions and data exchange in handheld smartphones worldwide. Automotive manufacturers intend to leverage NFC’s strengths in a host of features to enhance the ownership experience. Melexis MLX90132 Transceiver IC for NFC is […]

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The future has arrived, and it doesn’t take gas! While electric vehicles were once seen as an impractical alternative to standard fuel, today’s EVs present a viable option for the eco-conscious car buyer. With charging stations becoming more and more common alongside American highways. No longer restricted to tiny two-seaters and experimental designs, modern electric […]

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Electric cars currently in the market are limited by their range and charging times. It’s a well-known shortcoming of electric cars that they can only be driven short distances of the range of 50 miles per single charge. It would be much better either if the car could go longer without needing to stop, or […]

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Modern Driver Assistance Systems should not be limited to luxury vehicles and heavy trucks. A wide range of mass-market family vehicles all over the world could receive the benefits of safety and convenience systems, including Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) and Collision Mitigation, if more affordable sensors were available on the market. To meet this need, […]

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Most people consider switching to electric vehicles to save money on gas and contribute to a healthier environment. But “range anxiety,” the fear of being stranded with no power, was cited by 64 percent of consumers as a main detractor to buying an electric vehicle. Electric cars today typically can travel only about 100 miles […]

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Hydrogen has a large potential to be the fuel carrier of the future since it is environmentally friendly. However, the generation and storage of hydrogen poses problems that has to be addressed by ensuring correct material compatibility for safety and performance. Hydrogen is the simplest and smallest atom element and is found in water, acids, […]

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December 2011:- Equipment Solutions has introduced the RVC-5 Rotational Voice Coil Motor that provides a rather unique way to create rotational translation. This rotation or perhaps better described as tilting action is achieved through the use of a flexure bearing. Using advanced FEA techniques, this bearing was designed to provide infinite life while providing a […]

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Smart battery sensors help improve the control mechanisms of modern automotive power trains. Improvements in engine, transmission and steering systems deliver greater fuel efficiency and power density so that today’s smaller and lighter power trains provide significantly more output power than in the past. ZMDI introduced industry’s smallest intelligent battery sensor IC for fuel saving […]

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November 2011:- Atmel, a leader in microcontroller and touch technology solutions, a new ultra-low power AVR microcontroller (MCU) with secure AES-128 immobilizer protocol stack. The Atmel ATA5790N microcontroller includes LF immobilizer functionality and a 3D LF receiver in a single 5mm x 7mm package. When combined with the companion device ATA5830 RF transmitter, the Atmel […]

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November 2011:- For automotive electronic stability control, rollover detection, and pitch detection applications, Analog Devices Inc. (ADI) offers the ADXRS800 iMEMS Gyroscope, featuring a patented differential quad-beam architecture designed to minimize the influence of linear shock and vibration. Qualified for automotive safety applications, the ADXRS800 is the most stable, vibration-immune automotive-grade gyro available while a […]

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360-degree surround view parking assistance system – the world’s first Ethernet-based parking assistance solution jointly developed by Broadcom Corp., Freescale Semiconductor, and OmniVision Technologies Inc. The collaboration developed the new scalable Ethernet-based driver assistance network in which several systems can easily access information. The cost advantages offered by Ethernet technology, combined with the high image […]

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November 2011:- Freescale Semiconductor is offering a family of automotive acceleration sensors designed to expedite development of advanced airbag systems that help save lives and protect against injuries caused by vehicle collisions. Freescale’s new Xtrinsic MMA65xxKW family of accelerometers employs intelligent sensing technologies designed for front and side crash detection that can be easily and […]

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November 2011:- Ford Electric Vehicles bring Rooftop Solar Panels optionally. When Ford rolls out its lineup of electric and electric-hybrid vehicles in 2012, new owners will have the option of installing a solar array at their homes to offset the electricity they use to charge their vehicles. Ford partnered with SunPower for its “Drive Green […]

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