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Automotive Electronics Projects on Vehicle Electronic Control Units (ECU)

Here is the list of Automotive Electronics Projects on Vehicle Electronic Control Units, for design and implementation of vehicle control and safety units using In-Vehicle Network communication bus protocols such as CAN, VAN, MOST, LIN, FlexRay, SMARTWireX, DC-BUS, J1850, ISO-9141-I/-II, J1708 and J1587, SPI, IIC (or I2C), J1939 and ISO 11783,D2B, IDB-1394. It has a […]

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Automotive In-Vehicle Communication Network is an electronic vehicle area network that interconnects components inside a vehicle (e.g. car automobiles, truck, ship, or aircraft). Today’s vehicles contain hundreds of circuits, sensors, and many other electrical components. Communication is needed among the many circuits and functions of the vehicle. If all possible combinations of switches, sensors, motors, and other electrical devices in fully featured vehicles are accumulated, the resulting number of connections and dedicated wiring is enormous. popular in-vehicle network protocols are CAN, VAN, MOST, LIN, FlexRay, SMARTWireX, DC-BUS, J1850, ISO-9141-I/-II, J1708 and J1587, SPI, IIC (or I2C), J1939 and ISO 11783,D2B, IDB-1394

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Ford is aggressively accelerating its commitment to wirelessly connected intelligent vehicles – known as vehicle-to-vehicle communications – becoming the first automaker to build prototype vehicles for demonstrations across the U.S. “Ford believes intelligent vehicles that talk to each other through advanced Wi-Fi are the next frontier of collision avoidance innovations that could revolutionize the driving […]

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GPS based Real-Time Vehicle Tracking system combines the power of global positioning satellites with the near indestructibility of a GPS tracker. Individual vehicles and entire fleets can be closely monitored through GPS vehicle tracking. Latest GPS vehicle tracking software solutions are web-based so they can be used from any computer or mobile device with Internet access 24/7.

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Volkswagen has brought its innovative concept of Electric Taxi Vehicle to London as part of a world tour. Electric Taxi Vehicle is designed to meet the challenges faced by vehicles in modern cities, with ever tighter restrictions on space and emissions. Volkswagen Electric Taxi Vehicle Concept is powered by an electric motor fed by lithium-ion […]

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China’s first new energy fuel cell light-rail train was successfully launched recently. This train was jointly developed by the China North Vehicle Yongji Electric Motor Corporation and the Southwest Jiaotong University. China’s first new-energy fuel cell light-rail locomotive adopts hydrogen as the energy for the fuel cells as well as the world advanced permanent-magnet synchronous […]

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At Los Angeles Auto Show 2010, Honda unveiled the all-new Fit EV Concept electric vehicle and the platform for a mid size plug-in hybrid vehicle. Both vehicles are integral to the Honda Electric Mobility Network, the company’s comprehensive approach to reducing CO2 emissions through innovative products, energy-management and energy-production technologies. The Fit EV Concept hints […]

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November 2010:- AMP Holding Inc, a company engaged in the emission-free electrification of OEM vehicles, and DTE Energy, the Detroit-headquartered diversified energy company providing gas and electric services to 2.7 million Michigan homes and businesses, jointly announced today the signing of an agreement for AMP Electric Vehicles to “electrify” three of DTE Energy’s fleet vehicles. […]

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With fuel prices reaching the sky, it makes sense to look for alternatives. Converting your already owned petrol/diesel/LPG/CNG gasoline car to an electric vehicle or buying an electric car makes perfect sense in cost savings perspective. If you are not willing to go for a fully electric vehicle due to some drawbacks of electric car, […]

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Discusses the Electric Car (E-Car) Advantages & Drawbacks about their maintenance cost, environmental pollution, efficiency, motor power, recharging time, highest speed of travel, travel distance per charge, safety, cost to buy, service stations, etc.

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