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Automotive Ethernet Transceivers for In-Vehicle Networks

NXP develops Automotive Ethernet Transceivers for In-Vehicle Networks to drive the wide adoption of Ethernet in the automotive industry. As NXP is the No. 1 supplier of In-Vehicle Networking electronics, this is a significant step forward in establishing BroadR-Reach as an open, de facto standard for in-vehicle Ethernet. NXP enlarging automotive Ethernet productlines, as the […]

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AT4 Wireless offers a wide range of test systems for Conformance and Development testing for WiMAX. AT4 Wireless WiMAX RF and Protocol Conformance Test system performs testing according to WiMAX Mobile Radio Conformance Test Specification defined by ETSI. It supports the applicable tests for WiMAX certification of Base Stations (BS) and Mobile Stations (MS). It […]

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AT4 Wireless MiNT (Mobile Communications Integrated Tester) is a family of test platforms for mobile communications. The MiNT RF family supports GSM 850/900/1800/1900, GPRS, E-GPRS, AMR, EDGE and DARP for 2G and 2.5G technology and W-CDMA, RRM and HSPA for 3G and 3.5G technology (covering national frequency bands). Mobile terminal development and certification testing is […]

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The AT4-Wireless LTE RF Design Verification Testing Tools provide all range of scenarios in the lifecycle of LTE UE devices and meets the needs of early developments, R&D, Design Verification, Performance, Conformance and Certification Testing. Broadband Wireless Test Set is included in all the LTE Wireless Testing Tools: LTE RF Design Verification Tester, LTE Protocol Tester, LTE RF Conformance Tester, LTE RRM Tester, LTE Mobile Testing Applications.

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Holst Centre, imec and DELTA combined for an innovative ECG body patch that integrates an ultra-low power electrocardiogram (ECG) chip and a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) radio. This unique combination fuses power-efficient electronics and standardized communication, opening new perspectives for long-term monitoring in health, wellness and medical applications. The system integrates components from Holst Centre […]

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Diagnostics for All (DFA), a nonprofit startup in Cambridge, MA, has designed a cheap, disposable blood test for liver damage. The device uses a stack of paper the size of a postage stamp for a test of toxicity for drugs to treat HIV and tuberculosis. This is a low cost, point-of-care diagnostic device for measuring […]

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Melexis MLX72013 434MHz Low-Noise ISM Band RF Transmitter is suitable for Home Automation, Remote Keyless Entry (RKE), Automatic Meter Reading (AMR), and Home Alarm and Security Systems. The MLX72013 RF transmitter IC is a new member of the successful Melexis family of Wireless products. Optimized for use in an operating frequency range of 425 to […]

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Near Field Communication (NFC), is a bidirectional short range communication technology rapidly becoming the technology of choice for access control, point of purchase transactions and data exchange in handheld smartphones worldwide. Automotive manufacturers intend to leverage NFC’s strengths in a host of features to enhance the ownership experience. Melexis MLX90132 Transceiver IC for NFC is […]

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Galtronics provides embedded and external antenna solutions for the cellular, automotive, WiMAX, WLAN, M2M, notebook, and PC card markets. Galtronics offers a variety of single-band, dual-band and multi-band coupled or decoupled antennas to meet your needs including: Internal/embedded antennas, Combination internal/external antennas, Telescopic antennas, Panel antennas, Stubby antennas, Retractable antennas, Flexible “rubber duck” portable antennas, […]

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Galtronics design and develops embedded and external antenna solutions for the cellular, automotive, GPS, MIMO, LTE, WiMAX, WLAN, M2M, notebook, and PC card markets. Galtronics has developed a wide array of unique innovations for cutting-edge, embedded antenna solutions such as Patch, Mircostip, FMA, IFA, and PIFA antennas; as well as dipole, whip, and helical external […]

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The future has arrived, and it doesn’t take gas! While electric vehicles were once seen as an impractical alternative to standard fuel, today’s EVs present a viable option for the eco-conscious car buyer. With charging stations becoming more and more common alongside American highways. No longer restricted to tiny two-seaters and experimental designs, modern electric […]

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The same piezoelectric effect that ignites your gas grill with the push of a button could one day power sensors in your body via the respiration in your nose. In a recent paper US scientists from the University of Wisconsin-Madison described a device that converts air flow from human breath into electricity. The device could […]

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Electric cars currently in the market are limited by their range and charging times. It’s a well-known shortcoming of electric cars that they can only be driven short distances of the range of 50 miles per single charge. It would be much better either if the car could go longer without needing to stop, or […]

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As in many other applications, often it is not advisable or simply technically not feasible to install the encoder straight at the drive train to detect the speed of a conveyor belt. Any slip occurring at the belt may cause measuring errors, or equipment requires retrofitting a speed feedback system to synchronize the conveyor speed […]

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Modern Driver Assistance Systems should not be limited to luxury vehicles and heavy trucks. A wide range of mass-market family vehicles all over the world could receive the benefits of safety and convenience systems, including Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) and Collision Mitigation, if more affordable sensors were available on the market. To meet this need, […]

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Printable Food is coming now after printable electronics, printable batteries, and 3D printable solids. Soon you will print your food in customized fashion with your most liked taste, colours, and shapes. The scientists at Cornell Creative Machines Lab (CCML) have made a breakthrough: They’re now printing food. Not just fun, colorful images of hamburgers or […]

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Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) developed new robots to provide support in nursing and healthcare. The robots form part of the Toyota Partner Robot series, which is being developed to assist humans in their everyday activities. Each robot incorporates the latest in advanced technologies developed by TMC, including high-speed, high-precision motor control technology, highly stable walking-control […]

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Most people consider switching to electric vehicles to save money on gas and contribute to a healthier environment. But “range anxiety,” the fear of being stranded with no power, was cited by 64 percent of consumers as a main detractor to buying an electric vehicle. Electric cars today typically can travel only about 100 miles […]

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GPS has become a standard feature in a wide range of consumer products, from personal navigation devices to digital video cameras, watches, electric cars, and more. GPS signal power levels are weak and below the noise floor at -155 dBm. In many of these products, especially smart phones, strong transmitters such as Bluetooth, WLAN and […]

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Hydrogen has a large potential to be the fuel carrier of the future since it is environmentally friendly. However, the generation and storage of hydrogen poses problems that has to be addressed by ensuring correct material compatibility for safety and performance. Hydrogen is the simplest and smallest atom element and is found in water, acids, […]

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