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The March for Science, coinciding with Earth Day, took place in more than 500 cities worldwide with dozens of nonpartisan scientific professional societies in a turnout intended to combine political and pro-science demonstrations. Scientists left their labs to take to the streets Saturday, April 22, along with students and research advocates in pushing back against […]

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The ISOW784x family of high-performance, four-channel reinforced digital isolators from Texas Instruments employs an integrated isolation barrier to provide high efficiency and isolated power. The ISOW784x supports an input voltage range of 3V to 5.5V and provides a regulated 5V or 3.3V, 0.65W output. This family of devices is suitable for applications that have limited […]

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Commercial fuel cells are available, but for wider use they need more R&D to improve their performance, reliability, and cost. To meet this need, R&D at several U.S. universities and national laboratories is focused on making fuel cells a more widely used energy source. Some of this R&D is in the basic research phase, some […]

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Fuel Cells, a 93-page paperback book authored by Paul Breeze, could have been entitled “An Introduction to Fuel Cells.” It contains basic essential information for an engineer who wants to learn about fuel cells without being burdened by heavy theoretical descriptions. It is a concise guide to fuel cells with a minimum of chemical equations. […]

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The groundbreaking PWM-Resonant Ćuk topology could revolutionize the design of non-isolated, step-down dc-dc converters. This new topology provides much higher-efficiency, fast-transient response settling in one cycle, with much smaller size and lower weight than its ferrite core cousins. This converter is ideal for 12V to 1V applications for supplying microprocessors, as it replaces four to […]

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Advanced automotive technology for navigation, safety and infotainment involves superb sensor systems, wireless connections, route tracking, driver health monitoring and other capabilities. To ensure confidence in the performance of these features, high-performance instruments and software are used during design and test. Learn how automotive test is accelerated with flexible, high performance solutions.

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Roadmaps have been a staple of the semiconductor industry, in particular the International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors (ITRS). The final ITRS roadmap was issued in 2016. In May 2016 the IEEE announced the launch of the International Roadmap for Devices and Systems (IRDS), a new IEEE Standards Association (IEEE-SA) Industry Connections (IC) program to be […]

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The life cycle of a power semiconductor device involves a variety of test and characterization activities. Engineers face different measurement challenges in each stage throughout the process, from the early stages of designing a new power device to diagnosing faults and ultimately bringing the device to market. In many cases, engineers find their education, training, […]

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Power Electronics has rounded another handful of products appearing at the Applied Power Electronics Conference this year. From capacitors to gallium nitride power circuits, here are some of the products that are catching our eye in Tampa, Florida.

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High precision transducers are increasingly in demand due to high-performance industrial applications such as precision motor controllers, metering, measurement accessories and test equipment. Determined to build a transducer that maintains high performance standards over a wider temperature range, LEM developed the IT xx5. To learn more about the design that demands high reliability levels even […]

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Power Electronics has rounded up a few products appearing at the Applied Power Electronics Conference this year. From capacitors to gallium nitride power circuits, here are some of the products that caught our eye last week, when companies were previewing their booths in Tampa, Florida.

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We are down to the final weeks of the Bracket Challenge. Only 8 of the top engineering universities remain in the competition.Head on over to the bracket and cast your vote to help push your favorites to the round of 4. read more

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More and more electric vehicle (EV) charging points are sprouting up along highways, byways, and driveways. As availability becomes less of an issue, EV owners are starting to look closer at this equipment’s reliability and the energy costs associated with charging. Equipment vendors have to respond. Purely electric vehicles need to become more convenient for […]

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According to Morgan Stanley, Americans spend 75 billion hours a year driving. It estimates that self-driving vehicles could deliver $507 billion in annual productivity gains. IHS Markit forecasts as many as 21 million autonomous vehicles will be sold in the year 2035. That’s an awful lot of incentive to be a part of this undertaking. […]

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The LTM9100 µModule (micromodule) from Linear Technology accepts logic inputs that enable its internal isolated Power Switch Controller to drive an external-power MOSFET/IGBT switching at up to1000Vdc. It uses a galvanic isolation barrier to separate logic inputs from its Power Switch Controller, which can turn high-voltage power sources on and off. In doing so, the […]

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600V Intelligent Power Module ON Semiconductor has launched new intelligent power modules for industrial power management and motor control applications. The company’s new STK57FU394AG-E (15A) and STK5MFU3C1A-E (30A) are advanced 600 V IPMs that integrate a power factor correction (PFC) converter, three-phase inverter output stage, pre-drive circuitry and protection in a single, compact package. High levels […]

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Torex Semiconductor R&D Center in San Jose, Calif. (Image courtesy of Torex). Silicon Valley is maintaining its image as the center of the semiconductor universe. The latest example is Torex Semiconductor moving its R&D Center from Sunnyvale to larger headquarters in San Jose, Calif. Torex opened its R&D Center in Silicon Valley in April 2016. […]

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Just like last year, 32 of the top engineering universities in U.S. will go head-to-head each week. It is up to you to decide which universities advance every week and ultimately win the whole thing. Check out the bracket landing page to learn about prizes you can win for participating in the voting. 

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(Image courtesy of EVgo). EVgo, the nation’s largest network of public electric vehicle (EV) fast charging stations, and ABB announced that they will deploy the nation’s first High-Power fast charging station in Fremont, Calif, capable of delivering incredibly fast charging speeds. The High-Power fast charging system, manufactured by ABB, features a maximum charging rate of […]

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Conductive Polymer Capacitor Series with New Case Size, Improved Energy Ratings AVX Corporation has extended its J-CAP Series conductive polymer capacitors with conductive polymer electrodes, which already delivered the highest energy per volume (Joules/cc) of any SMT capacitor available on the market. Now available in a large 7361-15 case with a low 1.5mm height profile, and […]

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