FPGA Solution for High-Grade Cryptographic Processing

Xilinx introduced the latest version of its high-performance programmable solution for high assurance applications in the aerospace and defense (A&D) industries has been approved for use in Type 1 Crypto Systems by the National Security Agency (NSA). The approval of the Virtex-5Q device and related physical security IP core, which together help form the Xilinx […]

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Altera introduced lowest-power FPGA, Arria II GX FPGA variant with 6.375-Gbps transceivers and up to 1.25-Gbps LVDS support. Many applications commonly implemented in FPGAs are moving to faster transceiver speeds, driven by the need to support mainstream protocol standards such as PCI Express® (PCIe®) Gen2, SATA III, CPRI-6G, Interlaken and RXAUI.

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FPGA based VLSI design projects ideas with VHDL and Verilog HDL Coding, for final year projects of electronics engineering students. VHDL/Verilog programming projects for FPGA based VLSI hardware implementation.

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Q. What are different integer data types in System verilog (SV)? Q. What is difference between between int and integer in system verilog? Q. What are different data types in system verilog? Q. What is default data type of byte, shortint, int, integer and longint? Q. What is callback ? Q. What is the need […]

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Q. Expand Verilog? Q. Implement a full adder using two half adders? Q. How do you detect if two 8-bit signals are same? Q. How do you detect a sequence of “1101” arriving serially from a signal line? Q. How do you differentiate between wires and registers in Verilog ? Q. How do you diff […]

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Q. What are the features of VHDL? Q. What are the different types of modeling in VHDL? Q. What is port mapping and how is it done? Q. What is the use of foreign attribute in VHDL? Q. What are VITAL functions? (VHDL Initiative Towards ASIC Libraries) Q. Can any design be implemented using any […]

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Q. What is meant by scaling in VLSI design? Describe various effects of scaling. Q. What is meant by 90nm technology? Q. What is a transmission gate, and what is its typical use in VLSI? Q. What is ASIP? Q. What are the different design styles in VLSI? Q. What are the differences between gate […]

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Q. How does a MOSFET works? Q. Explain various types of digital design technologies ( CMOS, TTL etc). Q. What is threshold voltage? Q. What is noise margin? Q. What is channel-length modulation? Q. What is doping? Q. What is body effect? Q. Give various factors on which threshold voltage depends. Q. Explain nMOS and […]

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Q. What is FPGA ? Q. What is the significance of FPGAs in modern day electronics? Q. What is Synthesis? Q. FPGA design flow? Q. Tell me some features of FPGA you are currently using? Q. What is LUT? Q. What value is inferred when multiple procedural assignments made to the same reg variable in […]

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Q. What is the full form of RTL? Q. What is the difference between RTL and HDL? Q. Draw the state diagram to detect a sequence? Q. Draw the state diagram of a traffic light controller? Q. Which one is faster Carry look ahead or ripple carry adder? Q. What is the difference between Big […]

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FPGA Vs ASIC strategic comparison. This technical article discusses basic comparison of FPGA and ASIC, FPGA Design Advantages, FPGA Design Limitations, ASIC Design Advantages, ASIC Design Limitations

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Here is the list of manufacturers of Application Specific IC (ASIC) manufacturers. ASIC Manufacturers may take FPGA IP or SOC IP as input and produce an IC with physically implemented IP in that. Some of the listed manufacturers provide services like FPGA to ASIC, FPGA to SOC conversion, hardware/VLSI IP sales.

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Discussed Synchronous Vs Asynchronous logic comparison during the design selection for Digital systems. It also describes advantages (pros) and limitations (cons) of synchronous and asynchronous design techniques.

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Latch Vs Flip-Flop register: Detailed comparison of their structure, VHDL or verilog coding for FPGA and ASIC, simulation, synthesis perspective pros and cons.

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Binary digital codes are discussed. Error Detecting Codes and Error Correcting Codes. Weighted Binary Codes: 8421, 2421, 5211 weighted binary codes. Non-Weighted Binary Codes: Excess-3 Codes, Gray Codes. Reflective Binary Codes. Sequential Binary Codes, Alphanumeric Codes, EBCDIC Code, ASCII Codes.

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