Contributes to greater energy savings in inverters

ROHM has recently announced the availability of reference boards designed to evaluate its high voltage fan motor drivers that achieve greater efficiency and simplify inverter configuration in home appliances such as ceiling-fans and ACs.

ROHM-Reference-boardsOf the total power consumed worldwide, it has been noted that close to 50% is used to drive motors, and with the continued spread of air conditioners and other electrical appliances in emerging and developing countries this percentage is expected to only increase.On a global scale, the number of consumer devices equipped with an inverter function is low, making the role of the fan motor drive increasingly important to achieve inverter operation.

ROHM products and technologies have been well regarded in the motor application market, with over 50 million high efficiency motor controllers shipped to date and the development of innovative power devices such as PrestoMOSTM. Last year, ROHM released the BM620xFS series of 600V fan motor drivers that integrate both the PrestoMOSTM and motor controller in a single package.

The BM620xFS-EVK-001 series consists of 6 reference boards, each integrating one of the 6 models in ROHM’s BM620xFS lineup of high voltage fan motor drivers, which is offered in 3 different drive types (120°, 150°, 180°) and 2 output currents (1.5A and 2.5A) to suit a variety of set needs. This enables immediate evaluation of the ideal motor driver, speeding up development and reducing time-to-market considerably.

The boards are available online through distributors Digi-Key Electronics and Mouser Electronics. In addition, all required materials, including startup guides, user manuals, and datasheets, can be downloaded from ROHM’s website.

Online Sales Information

Sales Launch Date: October 2016

Online Distributors: Digi-Key Electronics, Mouser Electronics


Key Features of ROHM’s High Voltage Onboard Fan Motor Drivers (BM620xFS Series)

1High efficiency drive with best-in-class 600V withstand voltage

ROHM integrates its market-proven motor controller and gate driver with proprietary 600V PrestoMOSTMinto a single package. This makes it easy to deliver high efficiency sinusoidal motor drive that previously could only be achieved using 2 or more packages. In addition, maximizing PrestoMOS™ characteristics results in higher withstand voltage and lower loss than conventional 500V MOSFETs, enabling use even in regions with unstable power infrastructures

2Class-leading compact surface mount package

All required components, including a controller, 600V PrestoMOSTM, gate driver, and bootstrap diode are integrated into a compact surface mount package (22.0mmx14.1mm, t=2.4mm). The result is the smallest package in its class with equivalent functionality.

3Broad lineup supports a range of requirements

The BM620xFS series of controllers consists of 6 models offered in 3 different drive types [120° (rectangular wave), 150° (wide angle), 180° (sine wave)] and 2 output currents (1.5A and 2.5A), making it possible to meet a variety of requirements.

In addition, all models feature the same package and pin layout, contributing to common motor board design.



◇ Room AC/Outdoor Fans      ◇ Ceiling Fans                        ◇ Air Cleaners

◇ Hot Water Pumps                ◇ DC Fans                  ◇ Dishwashers

◇ Washer and Driers

…and other fan and pump motors in home appliances