With the existing technology, charging an Electric Vehicle (EV) to 80% of battery capacity requires approximately 30 minutes. This long charging time detracts from the convenience of Electric Vehicles, and had been an obstacle to popularization.

the Japanese company JFE Engineering Corp has developed a Revolutionary Super-Rapid Charging System Accelerates Popularization of Electric Vehicle. JFE Engineering Corporation has successfully developed an super-rapid charging system on the laboratory scale model for electric vehicles (EV) which enables charging in only 3 minutes.

The JFE “Super-Rapid Charging System” can charge an electric vehicles (EV) to 50% of battery capacity in 3 minutes, which means that an EV with a full-charge range of 160km can travel about 80km on a 3-minute charge. A 5-minute charge supplies 70% of battery capacity, making it possible to drive the same EV about 110km. This range covers the average daily travel distance for almost all passenger cars.

The advent of this new “Super-Rapid Charging System” represents an epoch-making improvement in charging convenience, which had been an obstacle to popularization of EV. This new technology is expected to result in a dramatic increase in sales of EV, which had been forecast at only 750,000 vehicles in 2020, assuming use of the conventional charging technology.