M series connectors suit harsh environments

M8 models of the M Series connector
family are IP67-rated for indoor and outdoor applications. The screw-locking
waterproof M8 connectors are designed to meet the rigorous requirements for
industrial machinery, marine electronics, LED screen power, and signal control
applications, providing a safe and secure connection that is resistant to
vibration, water, dust, and other materials.



The M8 connectors are offered in
variations ranging from 3 to 4 contacts, a rated current of 3 A, a rated
voltage of 30 or 60 V, and an operating temperature of −40°C to 85°C. What’s more, the connector is rated for more than 100 mating cycles, with a housing constructed out of high
performance PA66 plastic material, pins are made of copper alloy with
gold-over-nickel plating, and a connector body made with brass.

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