Chopper op amps feature rail to rail input and output

The TSZ182 dual precision op amp from STMicroelectronics combines low and temperature stable input-offset voltage with a 3MHz gain-bandwidth, rail to rail inputs and outputs, and 2 x 2mm DFN8 or Mini-SO8 package options.

The chopper-stabilised TSZ182 is said to enable superior precision in instruments like body signal monitors, blood-glucose meters, industrial sensors, factory automation, and low side current sensing.

According to the company, the offset voltage of 25µV at 25°C enables high measurement resolution and accuracy without external trimming components. Offset drift less than 100nV/°C maintains accuracy over a temperature range and saves periodic auto-recalibration thereby simplifying design and enhancing convenience for end users.

Operating from a 2.2 to 5.5V supply and providing rail to rail inputs and outputs, the TSZ182 is claimed to maximise use of available dynamic range.

The gain-bandwidth of 3MHz is said to ensure consistent frequency response over a wide range, and the maximum operating current of just 1mA at 5V helps maximise runtime of battery powered devices.

Operating temperatures range from -40 to 125°C, which enables use in harsh outdoor or industrial environments. Automotive-qualified variants (TSZ1821IYST) will also be available next month for precision sensor-signal conditioning in equipment ranging from simple wiper modules or climate controls to autonomous driving systems.

Peggy Lee