Melbourne, FL [March 28, 2017] Cinch Connectivity Solutions, a Bel group compan and global leader in delivering reliable connectivity solutions, introduces the Front Panel Pluggable Optical Transceiver, the latest entry in a long line of Low Profile Optical Transceivers (“Low Rider” family) from our Stratos brand of Active Optical Products.
The Front Panel (FP) Pluggable transceiver utilizes the same rugged Mil-Aero construction and components used in the Low Rider product, but changes the housing to interface with a Cage and Connector system, allowing the device to be installed or removed by hand, similar in concept to commercial Small Form Pluggable (SFP) transceivers.  The Low Rider utilizes a true pin and socket electrical connection along with captive screw for mechanically securing the device into the cage, thereby enabling the device to withstand aggressive Shock and Vibration profiles commonly found in Mil-Aero applications.  The pluggable connector allows the transceiver to be swapped for different data rates, wavelength, and fiber type options, without solder removal of the previous transceiver.
The FP Low Rider device provides high performance electrical to optical conversion, has a small footprint (less than 1 sq. in), less than 0.5-inch height, and supports a wide variety of FP Low Rider transceiver modules with data rates from 100M to 10G, singlemode or multimode. The small size and rugged pluggable connector are very desirable attributes for high-speed optical links in military and commercial aircraft.  The device is offered with fiber pigtail options to support “Active Cable” applications.

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