Circular Connectors Keep A Low-Profile

Omnetics Connector Corp.
November 7, 2016

Addressing harsh-environment issues for the military, aerospace, security, petroleum, and other applications, the company expands its Mil-STD-83513 Micro-D product family to include Low-Profile Micro-Ds. Additionally the Micro Circular connector family now offers a lightweight aluminum ratchet-coupling shells. The Low-Profile Micro-Ds offer the same rugged performance for shock, vibration, and current carrying capacity as the traditional Micro-D but in a smaller lighter form factor. These compact connectors aide in the design of compact devices by reducing the amount of space needed for the interconnect solution. Another option is the company’s high-density Micro Circular connectors and the addition of the lightweight ratchet locking housing. The lightweight aluminum housing option to the micro circular line uses a ratchet locking system that provides quick and secure coupling, is watertight to IP68, and is vibration resistant.

Omnetics Connector Corp.
Minneapolis, MN


Company Omnetics Connector Corp.
Country United States (USA)