Anomet Products has
made available a radiopaque clad wire as an effective alternative to marker
bands. The company claims that it improves the clarity and visibility of stents
and wire under fluoroscopy.

Moreover, it can be
produced with different degrees of visibility by modifying the alloy
composition and cladding thickness. Anomet also affirms that this clad
composite wire is less expensive than solid wire with marker bands and can be
manufactured according to precise OEM specifications.



Anomet’s new
radiopaque clad wire can incorporate gold, platinum-iridium, tantalum,
tantalum-tungsten, and similar alloys bonded to high-strength wires such as
316LVM stainless steel,
nitinol, and MP35N with 2% or more cladding

Two notable wire examples
are tantalum-cored stainless steel and gold-clad nitinol. And these
medical-grade wires don’t flake, blister, or delaminate. The new radiopaque
clad wire is available in sizes from 0.05 to 1.52 mm. It’s suitable for use
with stents, guide wires, and related devices.