Cloud-Compatible Wi-Fi Module Secures IoT And M2M Applications

March 7, 2017

The SPWF04 cloud-compatible Wi-Fi module provides advanced Internet-security and application protocols, and features a microcontroller capable of supporting operation in standalone or serial-to-Wi-Fi modes. The module integrates an ARM Cortex-M4 STM32 microcontroller with a set of multi-functional GPIOs and with 2-MB on-chip Flash and 256-Kb RAM for code and data storage. Further extra features include a hardware cryptographic accelerator and an SPI port for faster host communications. In addition, the new MicroPython scripting engine dramatically simplifies development of custom applications to run directly on the module in standalone mode. Host interactions can use AT commands via a UART, compatible with the previous generation of Wi-Fi modules, or equivalent proprietary protocol over SPI. For further information, visit  

Burlington, MA


Company STMicroelectronics
Country Switzerland