By Alix Paultre, contributing editor

Panasonic Automotive & Industrial Systems
Europe released a series of eight conductive-polymer aluminum solid capacitors
with super-high voltage capabilities of up to 100 VDdc max for applications
such as industrial, digitalization, control system, noise filtering, and power
supplies. The products benefit from low ESR values and high ripple current and
offer very stable characteristics.


Both radial-lead-type SXE series components and surface-mount-type SXV series
products are fully REACH- and RoHS-compliant as well as halogen-free and have
an operating temperature range from –55°C to 125°C, accepting from 63 Vdc to 100 Vdc in rated
capacitances from 6.8 μF to 68 μF in a tolerance of ±20% (120 Hz/20°C)
and an endurance of up to 1,000 hours at 125°C.