Conrad now offers Beha-Amprobe’s flexible multifunction cable finder

Conrad Business Supplies now offers Beha-Amprobe’s AT-6000-EUR electrical cable finder, including a range of accessories. The device kits, available in two different packages (AT-6020-EUR, AT-6030-EUR), consist of a receiver and a transmitter for searching for live and voltage-free wires, cables, circuit breakers and fuses. In addition, the cable finder is suitable for the localisation of line breaks and short circuits as well as for the assignment of connected circuits.

The AT-6000-RE receiver uses both passive and active line tracking, making use of the transmitter to detect signals in wires and cables.

The device has a probe for tracking lines in hard-to-reach places. The transmitter is suitable for circuits with up to 600 VAC/VDC in electrical environment categories I to III. The assignment of circuit breakers and fuses is based on the highest measured signal.

The AT-6030-EUR model includes the CT-400-EUR signal pliers while it is available as an additional accessory in the AT-6020-EUR. It is used when no uninsulated wires or connections are accessible. In these cases, the transmitter induces a signal via the clamp. The receiver is equipped with an LC display and has four different modes: quick search, precision search, circuit breaker and fuse detection, and non-contact voltage detection.

The AT-6000-RE receiver and the AT-6000-TE transmitter are designed for measurement category CAT III 600 V, with an operating voltage of 0 to 600 VAC/VDC. The CT-400-EUR signal clamp corresponds to the CAT IV 600 V and CAT III 1000 V measurement categories with an operating voltage of 0 to 1000 VAC.

Bethan Grylls