up to 140 W of power and up to 8 A of output current at up to 96% efficiency,
the PI3740 Cool-Power regulator features an input operating voltage range of 8 to
60 Vdc and a regulated output voltage range of 10 to 50 Vdc. Incorporating high-frequency
zero-voltage switching (ZVS) technology, the regulator targets automotive,
industrial, test automation, LED lighting, and battery charging applications.


regulator’s operating voltage ranges enable a reduction in both the number of
regulators and the number of power supply designs that must be designed,
configured, manufactured, inventoried, and maintained. The PI3740 converter can
be used in a range of applications that would otherwise require the use of
several different alternative regulators having narrower operating voltage
ranges. For example, a power supply incorporating a PI3740 can be designed to
operate from, or charge, both a 12-V and a 24-V battery source. The buck-boost
converters are capable of transitioning between buck mode and boost mode for
applications in which the regulator input voltage varies above and below the
output voltage.

The PI3740 integrates its controller, power
switches, and support circuitry within a high-density, 10 x 14 x 2.5-mm
System-in-Package. Additional features include: 1-MHz operation; parallel
options; constant-voltage and constant-current (for LED lighting applications)
operating modes; overvoltage, overtemperature, and overcurrent protection; –40°C
to 115°C temperature range; and an integrated current sense amplifier and integrated
general-purpose amplifier.