Counterfeit drugs are increasingly common and put the health and well-being of people worldwide at risk. GENTAG offers a simple and low cost wireless RFID tag that is specifically designed to be injection molded inside the caps of pharmaceutical bottles and where the consumer can check the authenticity of the product directly with their cell phones prior to purchase or use. The technology is not limited to checking for counterfeit drugs, but can be applied to any authentication market or application, thereby helping reduce the estimated $1.2 trillion/year global counterfeit market.

Counterfeit Drug Detector System using Wireless Pharmaceutical RFID TagsCounterfeits can also be detected using GENTAG’s multi-level authentication process and software using any web-enabled cell phone. The software can be tailored to any market or application. Examples include counterfeit wine prevention, counterfeit drug detection or parts authentication.

GENTAG Wireless RFID Button Tags used for Counterfeit Drug Detection

  • Passive RFID technology (no battery) and exteremely small size
  • Permanent tag with expected life of over 10 years
  • Ideal technology for direct embedding inside plastic Pharma bottle caps, high value items, etc.
  • Consumers can directly read tags with NFC cell phones or PCs
  • Tag ID and geolocation can be overlaid when using NFC cell phones, providing a double independent verification of counterfeit items prior to purchase or use
  • Resistant to repeated exposure to temperatures up to 180 degrees C, and Resistant to high temperature peaks or shock
  • Resistant to high impact and pressures (tested at 4,500 PSI)
  • Resistant to vibrations
  • Resistant to moisture (completely sealed)
  • Resistant to most harsh chemicals (solvents, oils, etc.)
  • ISO 15693 at 13.56 MHz, the most widely used HF standard worldwide and Compatible with all NFC cell phones
  • 512 bit Memory is read – write and unique 64-bit ID. Information can be stored on the tag or a remote web server
  • Anti-collision supported (simultaneous reading of many tags) at High reading speed