Creating bridges between technologies

In order to boost storage capabilities, Bridgtek has unveiled a range of embedded video engine (EVE) graphics controllers with adaptive scalable texture compression (ASTC) functionality at Embedded World 2018.

Bridgtek’s BT815/6 series of graphic controller ICs is designed for next generation human machine interface (HMI) development and support for the ASTC algorithm means image quality is enhanced. The compression algorithm allows for smaller compressed files, removing the need for greater bandwidth to be allocated.

Features also include a QSPI host port for attaching an external flash memory to supplement the EVE controller’s on-chip memory. This port accesses external memory only, extending the on-chip capacity to store additional image and audio objects. This port frees up the main system QSPI port used to control the BT815/816 devices from memory copy tasks, reducing the workload on the system MCU.

Designers can use EVE to construct HMIs and the object-based architecture employed enables a reduction in the hardware needed for HMI implementation. This eliminates both the frame buffer and large flash memory, relying instead on the internal 1MByte graphics RAM. A less complex, lower cost MCU can also be used within the HMI design, decreasing the overall bill of materials.

Bethan Grylls