Crocodile clips, test and kelvin connectors available from JPR

Crocodile clips, test and kelvin connectors

JPR Electronics now stock an array of crocodile and test clips and kelvin connectors from leading manufacturers.

JPR electronics stock over 30 variants of Mueller crocodile clips and accessories. These include standard and miniature crocodile clips and pre-wired lead sets rated up to 300V @ 7A, heavy duty, plier, battery and automotive analyser clips and a range of single and dual 4mm “banana” clips and BNC to double banana plug adaptors. A range of insulated shrouds are available to fit Mueller clips.

The Schützinger test clip series from JPR includes a range of 2mm and 4mm terminal posts, safety sockets and plugs, including stackable variants, standard and safety crocodile clips, packaged 2mm and 4mm test lead sets and a multimeter test lead and probe kit.

Quick release kelvin terminals are also available from JPR, allowing measurements to be made from test objects with unterminated wires. Quick-release terminals are ideal for situations where a lead or cable needs to be connected to an instrument safely and quickly and is especially useful for inspection during production because it can be installed permanently and used to clamp a lead between two poles.

Amy Best