Automotive designs are bursting at the seams with
electronics and all these sub-systems are totally relying on two very important
things. Networking and security are critical in today’s cars and trucks. 


The Traveo (S6J342xxx)
32-bit microcontroller targets gateways, body control modules, HVAC, and collision
warning systems and features six-channel CAN FD networking support with Secure
Hardware Extension (SHE). The MCU offers single supply operation and a 132 MHz Cortex-R5
core. The IC has 512, 822 or 1,000 Kbytes of flash with a 1 Ms/s 64-channel
12-bit A/D converter and an optional 14-channel multi-function serial (MFS)
communication block.

The Traveo S6J342xxx is
sampling now and will be in production in early 2017. The IC operates at
up to 125°C and comes in
four package sizes with 100 to 176 pins. Power supply current is typically 85
ma in full operation and 1.3 ma in low power timer mode. The chips flash memory
retention time up to 20 years. It has ASIL-B support on the ISO26262