Distributed-Input-Distributed-Output (DIDO) Wireless Technology is a revolutionary approach to multiuser wireless that provides each user the full data rate of shared spectrum simultaneously with all other users, by eliminating interference between users sharing the spectrum. As a result, DIDO profoundly increases the data capacity of wireless spectrum with sub-millisecond latency, while increasing reliability and reducing the cost and complexity of wireless devices.

DIDO Wireless Technology for High-Speed Internet

DIDO Wireless Technology for High-Speed Internet. Courtesy: Rearden Wireless

Intentionally combining radio signals from different transmitters could allow mobile devices to download at much higher speeds. With conventional wireless technologies the data rate available per user drops as more users share the same spectrum to avoid interference, but with DIDO, the data rate per user remains steady at the full data rate of the spectrum as more users are added.

DIDO deployment is far less expensive than conventional commercial wireless deployment, despite having vastly higher capacity and performance, and is able to use consumer Internet infrastructure and indoor access points.

The potential of DIDO is to have unlimited number of simultaneous users, all streaming high-definition video, utilizing the same spectrum that a single user would use with conventional wireless technology, with no degradation in performance, no dead zones, no interference between users, and no reduction in data rate as more users are added.

DIDO works indoor/outdoor for urban/suburban applications at distances of several miles, and for rural applications, DIDO works at distances up to 250 miles. Urban/suburban latency is sub-millisecond.