Tektronix Sentry® is a comprehensive digital-content monitoring solution for advanced video networks. It enables video service providers to deliver services with optimum quality while reducing operational expenditures. Sentry identifies anomalies in the network at the IP and MPEG layers, as well as in Quality of Experience (QoE), identifying issues including frozen video, tiling/macroblocking, black screen, and audio disruptions or audio-level issues, which represent the bulk of trouble calls from subscribers.

In addition, Sentry includes a video artifact measurement and detection capability. This makes Sentry the only solution that detects video and audio errors in digital programs while generating metrics that correlate to Mean Opinion Scores (MOS).

Digital Content Monitoring for Video Network QualityThe multithreshold-based alerting capability enables a flexible alert configuration. Sentry uses this approach for alerting, because it is effective in detecting problems in their developing stages before a subscriber’s experience is impacted. This capability, combined with detailed root-cause troubleshooting information appended in the actual alert, allows engineers to resolve problems quickly and often before subscribers experience any quality deterioration or outage.

Detection and alerting of a subscriber-impacting issue is only part of the monitoring functions of Sentry. Analysis tools coupled with historical data give service providers the ability to resolve complex and intermittent problems quickly.

Digital ad insertion technology allows multichannel service providers to offer advertisers market segmentation that broadcast networks cannot. Maximizing this advantage requires integrating a complex system of ad insertion technology into an existing network.

Features & Benefits of Sentry Digital Content Monitor

  • Audio and Video Quality of Experience Scoring System
  • Audio Silence and Audio-level Issue Detection
  • Detect Black Video, Frozen Video, Tiling/Macroblocking
  • Perceptual Video Quality (eMOS) Monitoring
  • Triggered Alert Stream Captures
  • Transport Stream Bandwidth Graphing
  • Program Group Bandwidth Graphing
  • Carousel Monitoring (SA-BFS, DSM-CC, tru2way™)
  • 24/7 Real-time QoE Monitoring of Entire Channel Lineup
  • Alert Notification and Historical Reporting of Video network problems
  • Error Second and Program Availability Reporting

Applications of Sentry Digital Content Monitor

  • Audio and Video Quality of Experience Scoring System
  • IP Network Impairment Analysis
  • Alert Filtering and Resolution Tracking
  • Carousel Monitoring (SA-BFS, DSM-CC, tru2way™)
  • Digital Program Insertion Monitoring, and EBIF Monitoring
  • Program Statistics and Availability Reporting