Digital multiphase controller family

A family of 12 digital multiphase controllers has been launched by Intersil. The family, which is accompanied by a smart power stage, is said to feature the first digital solution with an Adaptive Voltage Scaling Bus (AVSBus).

The digital controllers provide up to seven phases, assignable in any combination across two outputs, and combine with smart power stages to provide a scalable solution from 10A to 450A. The result, says the company, is enhanced power optimisation and more energy-efficient networking and communications infrastructure equipment.

The digital multiphase family is comprised of three groups of controllers. The ISL68137 and ISL68134 controllers use the AVSBus to power and communicate with ARM based processors in network routers, switches, servers, storage, and wireless telecom equipment. Two general-purpose controllers – the ISL68127 and ISL68124 – have been developed to power network processors, FPGAs, SoCs and graphics accelerators. Meanwhile, another eight controllers – the ISL69147/44, ISL69137/34, ISL69128/27 and ISL69125/24 – add a secondary high-speed interface (SVID or SVI2) to power Intel and AMD processors in cloud computing applications.

The ISL681xx and ISL691xx controllers integrate a high performance digital engine which features a patented synthetic current control architecture. This, says the company, tracks each phase current with zero latency, allowing the device to respond to any load transient with precise current and voltage positioning.

Graham Pitcher

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