Tektronix TDS5000B digital phosphor oscilloscopes (DPO) deliver 350 MHz, 500 MHz, or 1 GHz bandwidth, 5 GS/s real-time sample rate, up to 16 M record length, and a suite of advanced triggers, enabling you to capture and characterize even your most demanding signals. Select from 53 automatic measurements using a graphical palette that logically organizes measurements into Amplitude, Time, Combination, Histogram, and Communications categories.

The TDS5000B DPO models, enabled by Tektronix proprietary DPX® acquisition technology, deliver greater than 100,000 waveforms per second capture rates. Some oscilloscope vendors claim high waveform capture rates for short bursts of time, but only DPOs, enabled by DPX technology, can deliver these fast waveform capture rates on a sustained basis – saving minutes, hours, or even days by quickly revealing the nature of faults so sophisticated trigger modes can be applied to isolate them.

The TDS5000B Series includes open access to the MS Windows 2000 operating environment. While the instrument remains a dedicated oscilloscope, the ability to access the MS Windows desktop creates a powerful tool.

The TDS5000B’s performance features make it ideal for a multitude of applications, such as digital design and debug, power measurements, communications mask testing, and video design.

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