Tektronix, Inc., the world’s leading manufacturer of oscilloscopes, announced the industry’s first physical layer compliance test solution for the Digital Interactive Interface for Video & Audio (DiiVA) standard, offering a complete test bench that allows engineers to optimize and validate the performance of their DiiVA-compliant designs. As announced earlier this year, the DiiVA Authorized Testing Center (ATC) in Guangzho, China has selected the Tektronix DiiVA test solution to conduct DiiVA compliance and verification tests.

DiiVA technology combines a reliable high-speed, bi-directional data channel in addition to an uncompressed video and audio channel to allow users to connect, configure and control various home consumer electronics (CE) devices from digital TVs. As consumers increasingly use more electronic entertainment devices and digital home appliances, the DiiVA interface will streamline and simplify home CE technology, offering ease-of-connection and use while maximizing the entertainment experience.

The DiiVA 1.0 specification was approved in April, 2009 and the DiiVA 1.1 specification which includes 3D support has been recently released for review along with a supporting Compliance Test Specification (CTS ). The new Tektronix test solution gives DiiVA design developers complete validation capability based on the CTS and supports a wide range of tests for transmitter, receiver and cable devices. It also enables the ATC to start testing DiiVA products and providing certification.

The DiiVA test solution consists of a DPO/DSA/MSO70000 Series oscilloscope with DiiVA Advanced Analysis and Compliance Software. Additional components include an AWG7000 Series arbitrary waveform generator, P7313SMA probes and DiiVA test fixtures. Available for download from tektronix.com, the DiiVA software application works with TekExpress to provide one-button automation of multiple transmitter and receiver tests. The use of direct synthesis improves reliability and eliminates the need for hardware elements for receiver and jitter testing leading to faster validation cycles.

“Tektronix is a contributor adopter for DiiVA standards. We are pleased to see Tektronix has announced availability of compliance software, enabling engineers to test their products for DiiVA compliance before submission to the DiiVA ATC,” said Chen Xiao Dong, Secretary-General of the China Digital Home Industry Alliance.

For more information about the Tektronix DiiVA solution, go to: www.tektronix.com/display. All elements of the test set are available now.