Wastewater treatment processes and aquaculture operations require measurement of dissolved oxygen (DO) to maintain effect ecosystems. For these and other applications that need to measure Dissolved Oxygen, Sensorex developed its DO6400 and DO6441 Process Dissolved Oxygen Sensors. The Sensorex line of Industrial Dissolved Oxygen probes are fast response galvanic sensors. They have a large reservoir of electrolyte and are available with either mV or 4-20mA outputs.

Dissolved Oxygen (DO) Sensors for Aquaculture and WasteWater Treatment ApplicationsBoth the DO6400 and DO6441 Process Dissolved Oxygen Sensors use galvanic cell technology and a large volume electrolyte reservoir for long term continuous deployments. These sensors are available with either a durable teflon membrane or a wide span High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) membrane. All models are available with an optional integral temperature sensor. Calibration is easy, requiring only a single-point air calibration. DO6400T probes are an excellent choice for aquaculture Dissolved Oxygen monitoring and control.