DMOS transistor arrays with data storage function

A new generation transistor array has been launched by Toshiba Electronics Europe for applications such as LED lighting and industrial, high voltage signal transmitters. The TBD62089APG incorporates 8bit, D-type flip flop circuits that support a data storage function.

The TBD62089APG integrates the D-type flip flop circuits with the company’s TBD62083APG 8-channel sink output type transistor array on a single chip.

As a result, both the component count and board mounting area can be reduced in applications including home appliances, office automation equipment and factory automation systems.

Supplied in a DIP20 package, the IC also features a DMOS FET sink output that supports the high-efficiency driving of high voltages and large currents (50V and 0.5A respectively).

According to the company, power loss is reduced by about 40% compared with the preceding TD62083A series. Operating as an output load, the IC is suitable for driving resistive and capacitive loads including LEDs and photo couplers.

Peggy Lee