Delivers a useful life of 2,000 hours at 85°C and maximum rated voltage of 3 V

By Heather Hamilton, contributing writer

Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. has
released a series of high-voltage ENYCAP electrical double-layer energy storage
capacitors, designed to harvest energy and provide backup power for
applications in harsh environments. With a useful life of 2,000 hours at +85
°C, the Vishay BCcomponents ENYCAP devices are one of the first in the industry
with a useful life that is double that of standard electrical double-layer
capacitors. This provides maintenance-free operation as well as greater design

capacitors also boast a maximum rated voltage of 3.0 V, which makes them suited
for a variety of industrial, renewable energy, and automotive applications,
including smart meters, handheld electronics, robotics, solar panels, E-latch
door systems, and emergency lighting.

These capacitors come in eight small case sizes,
which range from 16 x 20 mm to 18 x 40 mm, with a high-power density to 4.1
Wh/kg. Capacitance values range from 20 F to 60 F. They’re RoHs-compliant, feature
rapid charge and discharge performance, and are available in through-hole

The 230 EDLC-HV ENYCAP capacitors are
available now in samples and production quantities. For larger quantities, lead
time is six weeks. Prices with U.S. delivery ranges from $1.70 to $3.40 per
piece. Check for distributor stock here.