E-paper display module used in batteryless tag

Pervasive Displays (PDi), a specialist in e‑paper displays, has unveiled a low power e-paper display (EPD) module, which has been used by Japan-based TOPPAN Printing to create a batteryless EPD tag with integrated RFID functionality, for logistics and inventory management.

The batteryless RFID-enabled tag combines an Aurora Mb EPD module from Pervasive with a programmable RFID tag. Users can update data using a smartphone or NFC reader/writer.

The modules are ultra-low power, requiring as little as 2mA current during display update operation, and work off harvested RF energy supplied solely from the RFID reader/writer.

Unlike traditional active matrix LCD displays, e-paper technology is bistable, meaning that no power is required to maintain the image on the tag. Additional power savings are made because a backlight is not needed to read the reflective display.

Neil Tyler