With fuel prices reaching the sky, it makes sense to look for alternatives. Converting your already owned petrol/diesel/LPG/CNG gasoline car to an electric vehicle or buying an electric car makes perfect sense in cost savings perspective. If you are not willing to go for a fully electric vehicle due to some drawbacks of electric car, there are also cars that utilize both battery power and fuel power. These are known as hybrid cars and are widely available. Sometimes electric vehicle conversion might be cheaper for your used car, rather than purchasing a hybrid or electric vehicle.

What is Electric Car Conversion?

Electric car conversion is a process in which the gasoline-powered internal combustion engine is replaced with an electric-powered motor.

Advantages of Electric Car Conversion?

  • The greatest advantage of electric car is that the maintenance cost is very low compared any other vehicle that runs on gas/petrol/diesel.
  • Electric car is zero-emission vehicle where there is no emission from the tailpipe. So it is safe to environment.
  • Electric car has higher efficiency by as much as 500 to 800 percent over an internal combustion engine car.
  • Electric cars can be recharged from home electricity (depends on battery type and charging circuitry), and no need to go to fuel station each time you need to fuel the car.
  • Electric cars are extremely safe. No explosions are possible compared to fuel based cars.
  • There is no sound pollution from Electric cars. Electric cars are quiet to drive.
  • Electric cars are comfortable to drive.

Drawbacks of Electric Car Conversion?

  • Electric car conversion normally not supported by authorized service dealers for the normal cars. You have to get your converted into electric vehicle on your own risk.
  • You will not get any financial benefits (tax rebates, incentives from government) which are available with a new electric car.
  • The electric car conversion kits are not standard solution, and they are not approved by car manufacturers.
  • Converted electric cars can be more difficult to repair, and if you do not have a mechanic familiar with converted electric vehicles, maintenance could be difficult.
  • Converted electric vehicles will also require battery replacements every few years, which is an additional maintenance cost many people do not think about.
  • Finally, converted electric vehicles cannot usually go more than about 200 miles without a charge. For commuting, this isn’t an issue, but for long trips, you might be better off renting a gas-powered car for the trip.