Electric cars (E-Cars) have been receiving lots of hype over the years. With all the current emphasis on going “green” and protecting the environment, it is no wonder that the electric car has come center focus. Especially now with soaring fuel prices, consumers looking for electric cars as alternative to normal cars. The technology is improving rapidly and, according to some manufacturers, consumers soon will have several models to choose from. Electric cars have several advantages over gasoline-powered cars. Still, if electric automobiles want to win over consumers, they will have to overcome some hurdles down the road.

How Electric Car Works?

Electric vehicles run using electric motor, and not the normal combustion engine. The motor draws power from an on-board battery which you have to recharge periodically to use in the vehicle.

How To Recharge Electric Car Batteries?

You have to recharge electric car battery using a standard electrical outlet, with either an alternating current or direct current. Of the two, it is proven that alternating current is the better and more efficient choice for charging your electric car. It is also possible that fast battery charging stations available at vehicle dealer’s service stations.

What Are The Advantages of Electric Cars?

  • The greatest advantage of electric car is that the maintenance cost is very low compared any other vehicle that runs on gas/petrol/diesel.
  • Electric car is zero-emission vehicle where there is no emission from the tailpipe.
  • Electric car has higher efficiency by as much as 500 to 800 percent over an internal combustion engine car.
  • Electric car has NO polluting byproducts because this car gets its power from batteries.
  • Electric cars can be recharged from home electricity (depends on battery type and charging circuitry).
  • Electric cars are extremely safe. No explosions are possible compared to fuel based cars.
  • There is no sound pollution from Electric cars. Electric cars are quiet to drive.
  • Size of Electric cars can be made compact as the electrical and electronic devices occupy less space compared to traditional mechanical components.
  • Electric cars are comfortable to drive.
  • Another advantage in buying an electric car is that there are numerous financial incentives offered when buying an electric car. These incentives include cash rebates, tax credits, free re-charging and even free parking in some cities.

What Are The Drawbacks of Electric Cars?

  • Electric cars have limited range travel per each battery charge. The range is said to lie between 50 to 100 miles while the cars can’t reach very high speeds. This is why this car is used more for local driving and to reach local destinations and not for long distance driving.
  • Electric cars are limited to maximum speed of travel.
  • electric cars are still behind gas powered vehicles in their ability to to accelerate and climb quickly.
  • Electric vehicle takes more time to recharge the battery, can take over an hour.
  • Electric car can be expensive to buy compared to traditional vehicles.
  • As of now, service stations for electric cars are less.