28-Jun-2011:- Associated Research Inc. (ARI) introduced a new Electrical Safety Compliance Analyzer that performs AC Hipot Testing, DC Hipot Testing, 40 Amp Ground Bond Testing, Dielectric Withstand Testing, and Insulation Resistance testing in a single instrument. OMNIA II is ARI’s next generation of Electrical Safety Compliance Analyzers, was designed around the way you test. ARI understand that every testing application is unique and finding the right tester can be difficult. OMNIA II model 8204 is a multi-function Electrical Safety Compliance Analyzer that provides you with customizable features and unmatched functionality!

Electrical Safety Compliance Analyzer for AC-DC Hipot Testing and Insulation Resistance TestingBuilding on the previous architecture, the Omnia II 8204 Electrical Safety Compliance Analyzer is equipped with several new and enhanced features. It includes a color TFT display with a resolution of 800×480 pixels, which the company says makes setting up test files, viewing results, and performing tests easier than ever. Color-coded test steps clearly indicate pass/fail conditions, and you can choose from four different color schemes to match your preferences. A customizable interface allows you to personalize menu settings and create shortcuts to favorite screens.

To increase productivity and throughput on the production line, the 8204 Electrical Safety Compliance Analyzer is equipped with the DualChek function, which lets you perform simultaneous hipot and ground bond tests. A phase-lock capability matches the phase angle of the output waveform with the DUT’s power source for safe and effective “hot” hipot testing. Expanded test memory of the 8204 links a total of 10,000 test steps, enabling you to create and save even the most complex test setups. USB and RS-232 interfaces are standard; GPIB and Ethernet interfaces are optional.

To view complete specifications for the Omni II Model 8204 Electrical Safety Compliance Analyzer, go to www.asresearch.com/products/omnia2.