The 2K850 conformal coating has been developed for selective coating systems and was recently announced as ‘SMT Technology Product of the Year’ in India. This exciting new product combines the speed and convenience of UV cure, enabling an immediate tack-free coating, (even with low energy LED curing technology). This brand new product combines the features and benefits of Electrolube’s revolutionary 2K conformal coating system; in essence a product containing the properties of a resin with the easy application of a coating. Once the two components are mixed, the system guarantees complete cure at room temperature within 24 hours; this compares very favourably to the industry moisture cure average of at least 8-14+ days.  Most single part UV cure systems require moisture to diffuse through the already UV cured coating sections.  If the UV cured coating material is a decent barrier to humidity, full moisture cure beneath components can be measured in months or even years.
The 2K850 also enables users to benefit from the many advantages of LED curing, without having to sacrifice line speed or use carbon dioxide or nitrogen to inert the materials surface during curing. LED curing lamps provide many benefits, mostly around lower energy consumption and less waste. The UV LED benefits are numerous and include no IR radiation, (thus minimal heat transfer to the board), compact style, low voltage, simpler and safer with  instant On/Off mechanism. Additionally, shutters are unnecessary, (in contrast to traditional lamps requiring cool down in idling mode prior to going back to full power). Further benefits include consistent UV output over many thousands of hours of operating life, no creation of UVC or ozone, no heavy metal content (mercury) and eliminates the need for an exhaust, making it far safer for operators.

The 2K850 polyurethane system provides a much faster processing time with an advanced level of protection. The UL94V-0, IPC-CC-830C, MIL-I-46058C and IEC 61086 compliant coating features a wide operating temperature range of -65 to +130°C with excellent thermal shock performance and offers several other benefits over more traditional UV cure conformal coatings. These include improved coverage for more effective protection against harsh environments, and vastly improved resistance to cracking during thermal shock cycling.

2K850 is a tough, flexible, high performance coating, characterised by greater coating thickness (200-400μm), enhanced edge coverage and improved adhesion, hardness and scratch resistance. Ultimately, this coating provides a consistent and completely reliable chemical cure. Electrolube’s 2K range, including 2K850 are all hydrophobic coatings, providing excellent water, moisture and condensation protection, including salt mist. This makes 2K850 an excellent choice for LED, automotive, aerospace and other tough electronic applications exposed to hash conditions.