An Electromagnetic-Energy Harvester converts mechanical energy (vibration) to electrical energy. A coil attached to the oscillating mass traverses a magnetic field that is established by a stationary magnet. The coil travels through a varying amount of magnetic flux, inducing a voltage according to Faraday’s law. Perpetuum, the global leader in Electromagnetic Vibration Energy Harvesting, has developed an Electromagnetic Micro-Generator capable of powering wireless sensor nodes beyond the life of the application.

Electromagnetic Vibration Energy HarvesterAs wireless automation technologies evolve, the human imagination continues to find new ways to use this technology and push providers for more innovative solutions. Wireless monitoring is becoming commonplace, supplementing or replacing traditionally hardwired processes. Perpetuum field deployable harvesters are designed to last at least 20 years without maintenance, easily outlasting other battery-only powered systems.

In the industrial world, vibrations are everywhere. Perpetuum converts this otherwise lost energy into usable electrical energy for powering industrial wireless sensor nodes. Wireless monitoring reduces the uncertainly of unmonitored asset failure and expands visibility of potential and costly points of failure within manufacturing and production environments.

Scalable and frequency tunable, Perpetuum Electromagnetic Vibration Energy Harvesting Resonators have been selected by the world’s premier Industrial Wireless Automation Leaders. Wireless sensing offers significant benefits to industrial market verticals and applications such as: Industrial applications, Vehicles or Transportation applications, Aerospace applications, Oil & Gas, Chemicals, Power generation, Water/wastewater treatment, Process manufacturing, etc.