GPEG has introduced innovative, lightweight Electronic Paper (E-Paper) displays that use E Ink imaging film to deliver ultra-low-power consumption panels in a variety of sizes from 1.44in to 3in. These electrophoretic displays are bistable and therefore require no power to maintain an image on the screen. As e-ink technology reflects light rather than emitting its own light, this makes the display easier to read in high ambient light conditions, especially in direct sunlight.

GPEG Electronic Paper DisplaysGPEG 1.44in, 2in and 2.7in ultra-low power consumption display panels require a simple coin battery or solar power device to operate, and feature sunlight readable displays with wide viewing angle and 200×96 (111dpi) image resolution – 264×176 (117dpi) for the 2.7in panel.

By combining the high resolution of a TFT backplane with proven E Ink technology, these panels enable any image to be displayed with excellent resolution and contrast via a thin, lightweight format that can be used in a variety of applications. These include POS electronic price tagging, logistic container ID, medical devices (including prescription drug dispensers) and smart labels.

In addition, GPEG is also offering a 3in QVGA display panel that has a resolution of 320×240 (133dpi). The panel is appropriate for many graphical and data-intensive applications such as industrial equipment displays and logistics identification tags, and includes a reference design with the Epson ISIS controller for quicker solutions development.