ELTEC Elektronik unveils latest CyBox access points

ELTEC Elektronik has announced the third generation of its CyBox access points, which allow multiple WLAN-enabled devices in a passenger train, bus or on the subway to communicate with the Internet or access local data.

The extended features compared to the previous generation include, among other things, higher Wi-Fi data rates with MU-MIMO support and an Ethernet backbone with up to 10 Gbps, according to ELTEC.

The access point allows the simultaneous operation of two WLAN radios in the IEEE802.11ac Wave 2 standard with data rates of 2 x 1700 Mbit/s. In addition to higher data rates, Wave 2 also supports multi-user MIMO (MU-MIMO). MU-MIMO allows a Wi-Fi router to communicate with several devices simultaneously. This reduces the time that each device has to wait for a signal and significantly increases the speed of the network.

In order to be able to use the bandwidth of both Wi-Fi radios, the CyBox AP 3-W has an optional 10 Gbps Ethernet uplink configurable via SFP modules. The CyBox AP 3-W works with a QorIQ and offers performance reserves to attain sufficient throughput rates when the WLAN standard evolves further.

A configurable firewall protects the individual users’ private data against unauthorised access and supports the secure and interruption-free data exchange with the Internet. The CyBox AP can be flexibly configured via the convenient user interface or by SNMP commands. Besides setting up global parameters, it is possible to completely configure the WLAN interfaces, including channel selection, SSID, encryption, firewall settings, etc.

All electronic components with expanded temperature ranges permanently withstand extreme temperature fluctuations. Moreover, the components are particularly stress-resistant when it comes to shock, vibration and humidity, ELTEC says. The CyBox AP 3-W meets common industrial standard specifications and has been qualified according to current railway standards, e.g. EN 50155 compliant, by accredited test laboratories.

Bethan Grylls