Encapsulated power supply for industrial integration

Industrial systems integrators often require small, compact power supplies capable of operating in specific environments, says Powerbox, adding these supplies need to be simple to install and to deliver 24V DC.

Looking to meet these needs, Powerbox has launched the ENI100-5138 power supply. Accepting a nominal input ranging from 100 to 240V AC, the part can also operated from supplies ranging from 90 to 264V AC with a small derating. The 24V DC/4A output is protected against over-current and short-circuit damage by a current limitation operating in ‘Always On’ mode. This, says the company, guarantees the unit will always return to full operation after the output fault is removed.

The ENI100 has a leakage current of less than 100µA and boasts double isolation between the input and output. Meeting IEC60950-1 requirements and designed to meet UL508, the unit is CB certified and complies with related EMC standards and class B.

Suitable for outdoor application or in humid atmospheres, the ENI100 is IP54 protected, with input and output cables fixed to the unit with crimped terminals.

Measuring 142 x 32 x 54mm, the ENI100 has a predicted minimum lifetime of 80,000 hours. It has a typical full load efficiency of 90% and draws 300mW at 110V AC with no load.

According to Powerbox, a 12V DC/8A variant is available, with custom output voltages available on request.

Graham Pitcher

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