The UNIDESK aluminum sloping front enclosures from METCASE is
available in custom widths. In addition, the UNIDESK can be supplied with or
without an IP54 sealing gasket in three standard widths of 7.87 inches, 11.81
inches, and 15.74 inches. This delivers three standard size ranges from 7.87 x
7.87 x 4.02 inches to 15.75 x 7.87 x 4.02 inches.

The aluminum enclosures are well suited for desktop and
wall-mounted electronics in a variety of applications, including office
systems, point-of-sale terminals, medical devices, industrial control
equipment, security units, and machine controllers. The large recessed front
panel (accessory) accommodates a membrane keypad, and the flat rear panel can
be machined to allow the installation of connectors, switches, and power
inlets. The enclosures also feature pre-punched PCB fixing points in the base.

The UNIDESK family is available in two standard colors: light gray
(RAL 7035) and black (RAL 9005). The enclosures are supplied pre-assembled with
four non-slip rubber feet and stainless-steel M3 Torx T10 and MS M3 Pozidriv
fixings. Prices for start at $127.

include three standard front panels, three standard wall-mount kits (each with
oval fixing holes for easier adjustment), and a PCB mounting kit. In addition,
the UNIDESK is fully customizable. Services include custom front panels; CNC
punching, folding, milling, drilling, and tapping; fixings and inserts;
painting and finishing; and digital printing of legends and logos.