EOS ULP STACKEOS Power announces an Ultra Low Profile (ULP) series of 40, 180 watt and 250 watt open frame medical and commercial grade AC/DC power supplies 


October 2016 – Mumbai/Munich— EOS Power, leading designer, manufacturer and seller of high efficiency and small size Power Supplies, will present its new Ultra Low Profile (ULP) series of Medical and Commercial, High Efficiency, High Power Density AC/DC power supplies at the Electronica 2016 in Munich. The new (M)ULP 180 & 250 Watt Series have power densities which reach 30 watts per cubic Inch with maximum height profiles of 0.75 Inches (19.05mm).
The (M)ULP40, 180 and 250 Watt Series offer existing and new customers the possibility of using standard 2 x 4 and 3 x 5 inch open frame medical and commercial grade power solutions in height restricted environments without having to change mechanical footprints while increasing efficiencies. The 0.75 Inch (19.05mm) height profile is a market first in this AC/DC open frame power range which expands even further the options available to EOS Power customers and their applications.
EOS Power has become an outstanding supplier in the medical power supply market in recent years releasing many world firsts in medical power densities, footprints and product capabilities. As we all know, medical customer’s globally require not only high quality products but also require the supplier to warranty their products for longer periods to show both belief in their product designs and support capabilities.
The MWLP225 and MWLP350 series of medical open frame products released last year by EOS Power have been a global success due to their power densities and market leading specifications. To further enhance the appeal of these medical products to our medical customers EOS Power is now offering extended warranty option on both the 225 and 350
MWLP product series. Details will be announced at the Electronica.
“The EOS Power design teams based in Mumbai, India have decades of experience designing
medical and commercial grade standard and custom power solutions. Our design personnel
along with our experienced management team will continue to push the boundaries in terms
of power densities, specification and customer satisfaction in order to give our customers the
best in class products and service”, says Ralph Bischoff – Director EOS Power.