EVE development tool facilitates HMI design

Version 3 of the EVE Screen Designer has been released by Bridgetek to raise the degree of support that is supplied with its FT81x embedded video engine (EVE) graphic controllers.

The EVE Screen Designer 3.x integrated development environment generation is said to facilitate EVE-based human machine interface (HMI) construction. It offers a simple package through which a range of visual effects can be created and various items of graphical content edited.

Building on the previous generation, it has advanced code generation capabilities with exported C-based source code being applicable to any hardware associated with the company’s FT90x MCUs, as well as a greater scope of widgets that can be incorporated.

Using a drag-and-drop method, widgets – including buttons, dials, clocks, gauges, scroll bars and more – can be taken from an extensive library and placed into the HMI design. Once the design has been completed, ANSI C code is generated in relation to the specified hardware platform.

The company claims it is possible to simulate the whole design on the package, before compiling and downloading the generated source code.

Furthermore, the logic node editor function gives users complete visibility of how different elements of the design interact with one another, so they can see what effect changing a particular element will have on the other elements that are connected to it.

The package works with the Windows operating systems.

Peggy Lee