Tobii Technology, the leader in eye tracking design technology, announced the launch of its new Tobii Toolbox for MATLAB software from MathWorks. Eye Tracking Matlab toolbox helps to design and simulate the eye tracking system hardware and software models. The eye tracking system hardware designed in Matlab can be implemeted using VLSI FPGA design with the help of Altera/Xilinx Matlab toolboxes. Eye tracking Matlab toolbox will allow users of Tobii eye trackers to run eye tracking experiments directly from the most widely-used research software programmes, MATLAB.

The Tobii Eye Tracking design Toolbox for MATLAB provides an interface between MATLAB and Tobii Eye Trackers, via the Tobii Software Development Kit, in a Windows environment. It means that researchers can now run eye tracking experiments directly from MATLAB and take full advantage of the stimulus generation and data analysis power that its associated toolboxes provide.

“Now that Tobii Eye tracking technology is compatible with MATLAB, researchers can benefit from the high quality data analysis and visualization offered by the software. As MATLAB is one of the most widely-used software programmes among researchers, the Tobii Toolbox will provide greater flexibility to eye tracking researchers and enable new types of eye tracking experiments”, explains Tom Englund, executive vice president of Analysis Solutions, Tobii Technology AB.

The new Eye Tracking design toolbox software enables the user to check the track status of the subject, calibrate, and collect gaze data (i.e. the starting and stopping of recordings) and synchronize events with gaze data within MATLAB. The Visual C++ module contains a graphical interface that displays the current eye tracking status as well as the calibration results.