Alpha and Omega Semiconductor introduced the EZBuck regulator family
with I2C
control. The first two, the 4-A AOZ2231CQI-01 and the 8-A AOZ2233CQI-02,
provide a compact, efficient power converter solution for next-generation
chipsets and FPGAs. Microprocessors and SoCs often use dynamic voltage scaling
to reduce power dissipation and improve system performance, which often
requires several external components. The 4-A AOZ2231CQI-01 and the 8-A
AOZ2233CQI-02 make the design of such converters simple by allowing the system
designer to control the output voltage from 0.6 V to 1.79 V using an I2C interface
with 9.375-mV steps.

Both the 4-A and the 8-A devices are available in a footprint-compatible QFN 4
x 4-mm package, allowing designers an easy upgrade path as power requirements
increase. The devices accept an input voltage range from 6.5 V to 28 V with a
built-in 5.3-V regulator, making single-supply operation possible. The
proprietary COT architecture provides ultra-fast load transient response performance
and allows stable and low-voltage ripple operation with small ceramic
capacitors. Competing solutions often need to generate a larger output ripple
voltage to stabilize the circuit. Additionally, the input feed-forward feature
provides a constant switching frequency over the entire input voltage range,
further alleviating noise concerns.