Linear Tech - LTC2320-16 SAR ADC

The LTC®2320-16 is a low noise, high speed octal 16-bit
successive approximation register (SAR) ADC with
differential inputs and wide input common mode range.
Operating from a single 3.3V or 5V supply, the LTC2320-16
has an 8VP-P differential input range, making it ideal for
applications which require a wide dynamic range with high
common mode rejection. The LTC2320-16 achieves ±2LSB
INL typical, no missing codes at 16 bits and 82dB SNR.

The LTC2320-16 has an onboard low drift (20ppm/°C max)
2.048V or 4.096V temperature-compensated reference.
The LTC2320-16 also has a high speed SPI-compatible
serial interface that supports CMOS or LVDS. The fast
1.5Msps per channel throughput with no latency makes
the LTC2320-16 ideally suited for a wide variety of high
speed applications. The LTC2320-16 dissipates only 20mW
per channel and offers nap and sleep modes to reduce the
power consumption to 26μW for further power savings
during inactive periods.