First four channel video decoder with MIPI-CSI2 interface

Intersil has announced the ISL79985, said to be the first four-channel analogue video decoder with MIPI-CSI2 output interface. The device supports the latest generation of SoCs and ADAS application processors for around view systems. The ISL7998x family also includes the ISL79986 with a line-interleaved BT.656 interface.

The ISL79985 replaces up to nine discrete components with a single chip to provide board space. An around view monitor system processes 360° around video from four cameras and then stitches the four images into a single birds-eye, top-down view.

“These combined images are then sent to the main head unit as a single video stream,” explained Jonpaul Jandu, Senior Marketing Manager at Intersil. “Around view monitor systems are increasingly popular and rear camera displays will be compulsory in US cars from 2018.”

The US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that rear view cameras can reduce back-over fatalities by more than 50%. Accordingly, automotive image sensor penetration in vehicles is increasing, and ABI Research estimates shipments will reach 197million by 2020.

The ISL79985’s MIPI-CSI2 interface claims to lower system EMI and reduces the number of pins compared to a traditional parallel interface. Both decoders include automatic contrast adjustment (ACA) image enhancement feature that adapts to rapidly changing lighting conditions. ACA is said to automatically increase or reduce brightness and contrast to optimise the image for greater visibility and safety in low light and sunlight glare conditions.

Key features:

  • Four NTSC/PAL/SECAM decoders and 10-bit A/D controllers with differential, pseudo differential and single-ended inputs
  • 4-H adaptive comb filter Y/C separation and PAL delay line
  • Software selectable analogue input control for combinations of single-ended CVBS and differential CVBS
  • Programmable automotive short diagnostics on each differential input channel
  • ISL79986 supports output four channels over a single 8-bit data bus
  • Integrated phase-locked loop
  • Advanced synchronisation processing
  • Proprietary Automatic Contrast Adjustment engine
  • AEC-Q100 Grade-2 qualified for operations ranging from -40°C to 105°C
  • 48-lead QFN (7 x 7mm)

Peggy Lee