Fixed frequency PWM controller and integrated power IC

Infineon Technologies has launched the fixed frequency 700V/800V CoolSET 5th generation.

This solution is said to combine a PWM controller IC with the 700V and 800V CoolMOS P7 MOSFETs in a single package, designed to support isolated and non-isolated flyback topologies.

According to Infineon, the device uses a high voltage Superjunction MOSFET, in combination with an internal current regulator in a cascode configuration to provide rapid startup and easy implementation of brown in protection.

The integrated 800V MOSFET and optimise blanking time are designed to support high AC line inputs up to 350VAC. Switching losses should be lowered through an eco-mode which features a reduced switching frequency at mid and light load conditions.

In addition to the standard output short, overload and over voltage protection, the CoolSET is designed to detect abnormal line input conditions. In-system protection includes VCC and CS pin short-to-ground to prevent controller damage during abnormal startup conditions. Over temperature protection is said to use hysteresis to improve operational fault handling and all protection modes are implemented with auto-resume with a view to minimise interruptions to system operation.

The integrated CoolSET devices are available in DIP-7 and DSO-12 and more information can be found here.

While standalone fixed frequency PWM controller is available in a DSO-8 package and more details can be accessed here.

Bethan Grylls