Austriamicrosystems, a leading global designer and manufacturer of high-performance analog ICs, has introduced the AS8223, the industry’s first monolithic FlexRay Standard V2.1 Rev B compliant Active Star Device. The AS8223 manages communication traffic among four FlexRay branches of the network, expandable to more branches through an Interstar interface.

The four branches of the AS8223 operate as a FlexRay receiver and transmitter whereby one of the communication paths is operating as receiver while the others operate as transmitter. Additionally, the AS8223 comes with a Host Controller Interface to achieve active control of the power modes and error diagnosis. An autonomous mode is entered automatically, in which the device operates without the need for a host controller. A Communication Controller interface is also built into the AS8223, to provide the standard transceiver functionality on the ECU using the AS8223.

FlexRay Active Star ICThe AS8223 FlexRay Active Star Device is tailored for automotive gateways with embedded FlexRay Active Star functionality. Connecting several devices at its Interstar interface enables extension of the FlexRay branches to suit the needs of applications. Other features of the AS8223 include: very low asymmetric delay contribution; data transfer up to 10 Mbps; enhanced bus error detection with current sensing on FlexRay branches up to 8 m from connector pins, plus very low contribution to the FlexRay network asymmetric delay. In addition, the AS8223 includes an automatic thermal shutdown protection and provides internal ESD protection at the bus pins for demanding automotive applications.

The AS8223 FlexRay Active Star Device is available in a 9×9 mm 44-pin MLF package and operates over a temperature range of -40 to +125ºC with a wide power supply range of 5.5V to 40V.

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