Servoflo LPS1/LPS2 ultra low differential pressure sensors measuring from 0.1″ to 5″ of water in various non-directional or bi-directional calibration ranges. Servoflo Microbridge’s MB-LPS family of low pressure sensors can sense differential air (or other non-corrosive gas) pressure, inferring differential pressure from nano-liters per second gas-flow through an integrated airflow channel having high pneumatic impedance (flow impedance). The MEMS thermo anemometer flow sensing principle, combined with a micro-flow channel having very high flow impedance, allows accurate sensing of low differential pressures.

Water Flow Pressure SensorThe on-chip circuitry provides analog amplification and temperature compensation to send an accurate linear output over a wide temperature range (±2.5% FS from 5°C – 55°C). The LPS1 comes in various ranges from 0.1″ to 2″ of water while the LPS2 is available from ranges between 1″ and 5″ of water. Standard input voltage is 5VDC, and a 3V model is also available.

Key features include immunity to dust contamination and humidity. In addition, the high flow impedance allows users to connect pneumatic tubing and filters without signficantly affecting the pressure measurement. A small footprint of approximately 17.5 mm by 15 mm allows for installation in small areas. A typical response time of 1-2 ms provides flexibility in analyzing pressure readings. Modifications are possible to suit a specific application and budget.

These features make the LPS1/LPS2 Series ideal for HVAC, medical CPAP and other breath detection appliations, fume hoods, biological safety cabinets, critical containment, leak detection and much more.