IXYS Corp. has expanded its family of input rectifiers in the SOT-227B Minibloc packages to include dual-diode configurations. What IXYS has essentially done here is use the high power density of the SOT-227B packages to move a group of input rectifiers to higher current ratings.

The company has introduced four new products to enhance the existing portfolio of input rectifiers in the SOT-227B package. The first one is DMA200X1600NA standard rectifier that features dual configuration with parallel diodes inside.


The reverse-blocking capability in this rectifier diode is designed to 1,600 V with an extremely low leakage current, and it’s matched with a small thermal impedance of 0.3 K/W and a high-surge current capability of 1,500 A. The second input rectifier — DMA200XA1600NA — has an anti-parallel diode circuit inside and that allows designers to optimize their construction.

Finally, DAA200X1800NA and DAA200XA1800NA rectifier diodes contain the same parallel and anti-parallel diode configurations. However, these rectifier diodes have been designed using avalanche-rated diodes, thus aiming for highest blocking performance under severe conditions, for instance, in unstable mains.

IXYS has already made available its SOT-227B Minibloc packages for a range of high-performance thyristors and diodes targeted for 50-/60-Hz applications. Now these packages enable designers to create low-profile constructions with a small package profile of 12 mm and robust terminals enabling higher current conduction.

Moreover, the SOT-227B Minibloc packages boast direct copper bonded (DCB) ceramic for the electrical isolation with the lowest thermal impedance, and that contributes to strong field ruggedness of these packaging solutions.