Microsemi Corporation, a leading provider of semiconductor technology aimed at building a secure, smart, connected world, today announced that Fusion mixed signal FPGAs are now available with 100% temperature screening from -55 degrees C to +100 degrees C. This advancement enables the company to bring the unique mixed signal integration advantages of Fusion to the military, avionics, and defense industries, where highly reliable operation at extreme temperatures is needed. Designers can take advantage of the inherent reprogrammability, high reliability and nonvolatility of the Fusion devices, which offer the additional benefit of firm error immunity. In addition, by offering analog and digital integration in a single chip, Fusion mixed signal FPGAs significantly reduce board space.

Fully tested across the entire temperature range of -55 degrees C to +100 degrees C, extended temperature Fusion FPGAs are offered in two densities of 600K and 1.5M equivalent system gates with up to 223 user I/Os. Functions such as power sequencing and monitoring, as well as supervision and monitoring of voltage, temperature and current can now be performed effortlessly at extreme temperatures. Extended temperature Fusion mixed signal FPGAs are an ideal solution for high reliability applications such as weapons systems and “down wing” aircraft systems that must operate in extreme environments.

“For applications such as industrial and military applications exposed to harsh environments, it is vital that highly reliable components be used,” said Ken O’Neill, director, high reliability product marketing at Microsemi’s SoC Products Division. “With our history of providing highly reliable devices coupled with testing to these extreme temperatures we continue to offer a significant added value through our unique offering, which is specifically tailored to the military and aerospace market.”

Extended temperature grade Fusion mixed signal FPGAs are now available for ordering. To order contact Microsemi’s worldwide sales team.

Source: Microsemi Corporation, www.microsemi.com